Business is not static, it evolves. Business does not need old solutions and endless excuses. So, the Pravoe Delo company is not in the lap of the gods, but grows together with its customers.

We are the law firm "Pravoe Delo"

"Pravoe Delo" is always growing, expanding into new horizons and never rests on its laurels. This is progress, when someone else tomorrow becomes our today. This is what you see and notice. Including now, on the site.

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Fair attrition
We go beyond and break the molds, take difficult decisions, put through different combinations at once, breathe current trends and fight for our clients until the bitter end.
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Nothing is impossible
We always find a dignified way out even from a stalemate situation.
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Culture is built on trusting and open relationships with partners and employees, on understanding the needs of customers, respect for their business, openness and tolerance towards them, on the desire to develop and be leaders in the legal field.

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Demchenko Nikolay
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The founder of the law firm “Pravoe Delo”
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Mishurovskaya Olga
Mishurovskaya photo
Managing Partner, Lead in the Litigation and Dispute Consulting practice
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Shevchenko Aleksandr
Shevchenko photo
Leading lawyer in the Legal protection of business practice
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Gergil Oksana
Gergil photo
Lead in the Legal protection of business practice
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Viter Diana
Vilter photo
Lead in the Bankruptcy and Dissolution practice
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Nikitenkov Aleksandr
Nikitenkov photo
Lead in the Tender support practice
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Harlov Dmitriy
Harlov photo
Consultant in the Legal protection of business practice
People image 8
Kiselev Anatoliy
Kiselev photo
Attorney, leading lawyer in the Litigation and Dispute Consulting practice
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Adabash Irina
Adabash photo
Consultant in the Litigation and Dispute Consulting practice
Modern, legal and high-quality services of all listed practices are waiting for you
and Dissolution
Bankruptcy is not the end of the road, it is an opportunity to start again. This is the way of preserving assets for their further investment in development.
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and Dispute Consulting
We provide a wide range of tax services and guarantee an integrated approach in resolving any tax issues.
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Tender support
We are experts in public procurement in Ukraine.
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of business
We not only protect, but also develop your business.
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and educational
space LABS
LABS's mission is to create unique programs and projects that unite different directions and experts for the development of leaders and their business in the region.
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