How to turn debts into investments?
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22.11.2017, 18:30-21:00


700.00 hrn.


Dzmitry Yavornytsky avenue, 99, Dnepr

In the current economic realities of our country, more and more companies are in a situation where they can not pay their debts. This can happen for various reasons: there are no orders, there is no sale, counterparties do not pay for their obligations, debts to the budget, bank credit and so on. In consequence of these reasons, itself
The enterprise falls into a trap of systematic non-payment. Accounts payable grows as a snowball for major liabilities, creditors and revenue and fee authorities start charging penalties for their failure.

In such circumstances, the owners and management of the enterprise, driven into a corner by constantly growing debts, are trying to do everything to bring the enterprise out of the crisis. And it's good if they get it. And if not?

What to do then? What can you think of, what to solve and what way out can be found?

Lawyers of the company JK "Pravoe Delo" together with an expert of the trading organization will tell you about possible ways out of the current situation and will consider options for preserving business assets.

On the agenda:
 Bankruptcy is a way to save assets.
 In what situations is it better for the owner to make a decision to liquidate the company.
 Advantages of a simplified enterprise bankruptcy procedure.
 Obligatory conditions under which the creditor can apply to the court with an application for bankruptcy of the debtor.
 Realization of assets of the debtor company in the bankruptcy procedure.
 Consequences of bankruptcy proceedings.

The seminar will be useful for financial directors, chief accountants, lawyers, owners of medium and large businesses.

* 500 UAH to 10.11
* for clients of JC "Right Cause" discount of 15%

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