Checks for work "in a new way." Fines and Risks
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25.11.2017, 10:00-17:00


1500.00 hrn.


Dzmitry Yavornytsky avenue, 99, Dnepr

❗ Since April 26, the checks of the presence of unformed employees will take place without a preliminary report.
Labor inspectors, if they have a business card, without hindrance, without prior notice have the right:
✔ go to any premises where wage labor is used; The
✔ to get acquainted with any documents, the management of which is stipulated by the labor legislation; The
✔ alone, or in the presence of witnesses, ask the supervisor and / or employees of the object of the visit questions relating to labor legislation; ✔ Receive verbal and / or written explanations on the specified questions.

👔 Together with the lawyers of the JC "Pravoe Delo" and the invited experts, we will consider innovations in labor legislation, as well as "pitfalls" from all sides.

Oksana Gergil - Head of the Legal Protection Department of the JC "Right Cause"
1. A new procedure for inspecting the Gostrud and local governments.
2. Penalties for violation of labor laws.
3. Practical recommendations for the preparation for the visit of inspectors.

Zhelyabina Natalia Aleksandrovna - Personnel Accounting Specialist
1. The main list of documents required by labor inspectors.
2. Eliminate the mistakes of keeping personnel records before the arrival of inspectors.
3. GPC contract and employment contract (application, difference, hidden labor relations).
4. Special categories of workers (mobilized, disabled, Chernobyl, women with children)
5. The order of granting holidays - what they pay attention to when checking.

Zasenko Alexander Vasilyevich - Head of Labor Protection Service
1. Components of the OT.
2. Checks after the reorganization of the Gosgorpromnadzor. Features.
3. Preparation for verification. A short list of verification questions.
4. Documentation on HSE.

Yulia Alferova will open the financial component of the issue
Certified CAP accountant, winner of the contest "Best Accountant of Ukraine", DipIFR Diploma.
1. How to avoid fines while optimizing wages.
2. The mode of work on a part-time basis.Problems and solutions.
3.Indexation of wages in new conditions.

The psychologist Natalia Bobunenko (Natalya Bobunenko) is specially invited. Consider issues of moral preparation for inspections of the manager and employees of the company. And other important psychological aspects when working with staff under stress.

COST of participation - 1500 UAH
* 1200 UAH to 2.10
* for clients of JC "Right Cause" discount 15%
The price includes business lunch and coffee breaks!

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