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LABS's mission is to create unique programs and projects that unite different directions and experts for the development of leaders and their business in the region.
About LABS Project

LABS is a cultural and educational space in the Dnipro that combines the Literature, Business, Science, and Arts Laboratories and is aimed at generating new ideas, creating co-projects that can positively affect the growth of participants and development of their business.

Literature - theme literature
             Art - culture and art
             Business - creation and development of business
             Science - Research and Innovation

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Kuzmitskaya Julia

Author and Managing Partner of the LABS Project
Strategic Director of the Legal law practice "Pravoe Delo"

Partner of educational project for students Work Easy and research project Open Research


The events of the space are held in a format of live communication with the audience, with the use of moderators of directions and the creation of finished products or tools for further use. We invite the best speakers, experts and industry professionals to adapt knowledge to the needs of the audience and create value content. Our audience is the business elite of the region, which is on the path of creative and intellectual growth, aimed at positive changes.

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